Vienna from above: DC Tower

The DC Tower 1 is Austria’s highest buiding and was finished in February this year. It is prominently visible in Vienna’s skyline and it stands out from all other buildings as it features a waved silhouette symbolizing the Danube river. The tower is 220m high (250 with its antenna) and offers an amazing view over the city. The venue can be reached via U1 VIC station and is located next to the Uno City. It is not advertised much but you can enter the building and take the lift to the top (9.5€). The visitor platform is in the 58th floor and can be reached with an elevator. There is also a restaurant which not opened yet and you can have a look at the tuned mass damper which stabilizes the building against the wind. This feature is quite useful as the tower may sway up to 45cm.

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